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CCNB Morning Church, September 20 2020, Joshua 2:1-14Chris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:0 minute
References:Joshua 2:1-14
Hebrews 11:17-31
CCNB Morning Church, September 20 2020, Joshua 2:1-14Open Web Link
FaithfulnessChris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:36 minutes
References:Lamentations 9:19-30
Luke 19:11-26
Galatians 5:22-23
Faithfulness - Luke 19:11-26Listen Download MP3 Audio 24.2MB (36:50)
Evangelistic PhillipChris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:27 minutes
MP3 AudioListen Download 17.4MB
The Result of the ResurrectionChris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:33 minutes
Reference:Mark 16:1-20
M4A AudioListen Download 15.5MB
Who do YOU say I AM?Chris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:26 minutes
Reference:Mark 8:1-38
M4A AudioListen Download 23.9MB
The servant of the LORDChris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:36 minutes
Reference:Isaiah 52:13-54:4
MP3 AudioListen Download 16.9MB
Acts of God - Faithfulness to ChristChris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:30 minutes
Reference:Acts 20:1-38
In the Book of Acts - Luke’s second volume - we encounter the continuing ministry of the Lord Jesus through His Spirit, His word and His apostles, growing His church as people respond in repentance and faith for God’s glory.
MP3 AudioListen Download 3.4MB
Moses - Prayer for God's GloryChris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:40 minutes
Reference:Exodus 32:1-14
The most pressing need we have as a church is a need to pray. Without prayer, nothing we do for the cause of the God's Kingdom will be of eternal significance. As we consider the prayers we find modelled for us in the Bible, may God deepen our devotional experience and shape us more like His Son Jesus.
MP3 AudioListen Download 67.4MB
Saved for Service - Walking in the WildernessChris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:28 minutes
Reference:Exodus 16:1-17:25
The stories and teachings of the OT Book of Exodus may seem remote to us in history and to bear little relevance to our modern world. However, the apostle Paul notes that the OT is written for Christians and that we ought to read it as God intended… as addressing us as His people in Christ, the One who gives us the greatest “Exodus” or “escape” of all. It is a book of epic scope and moral complexity. Yet in it we see the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It speaks to us today as people saved for service.
MP3 AudioListen Download 13.1MB
Jesus is... Careful & PrayerfulChris Kelly
Sermons and Media
Length:27 minutes
Reference:Luke 21:34-38
We are exploring how Christianity is founded on the certain historical event of mighty proportions - the life, death and unprecedented resurrection of the man Jesus Christ as recorded in the biographical account of Luke 20-24. These events not only establish that Jesus is who He said He was : Lord & Saviour : but they create the way to connect intimately with the living God : forgiven, loved and made new with a certain hope for life now and beyond the grave.
MP3 AudioListen Download 12.8MB
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