Ministry Training

At Christ Church Northern Beaches we are committed to growing and training gospel workers for the future of Christ’s kingdom.

We enjoy a fruitful partnership with Effective Ministry for the equipping and encouraging of all our church members.

Sometimes, the Lord has given us the opportunity to engage and equip a particular person for ministry.

In 2012 we were overjoyed to have Olivia Pickering & Nikki Graham graduate from our Ministry Training Strategy Apprenticeship Programme.
Olivia is now training to be a Medical Doctor. Nikki is now working full-time as a Primary School Teacher.

In 2012 we also were delighted to have appointed Kezia Brooks as our first Year 13 Trainee.
Kezia then went to University but returned as our Trainee SRE Teacher during 2014.
Kezia is currently in her final year at Macquarie University.

In 2013-2014 we were blessed to have James Delanty join us as our Student Pastor.
James studied at Moore Theological College and is now serving at St John's Anglican Church North Ryde.

In 2014-2015 we were glad to support Ami Phillips serving with Crusaders and Cornhill Preaching.

In 2015 we were thankful to have Zoe McSorley and Josh Hawkins join us as our Year 13 Ministry Trainees.
No Photo - Leader No Photo - Leader

2015 Year 13 Ministry Trainee
Zoe McSorley

2015 Year 13 Ministry Trainee

Josh Hawkins

James Delanty Kezia

2013-2014 Student Pastor
James Delanty

2012 Year 13 Ministry Trainee
2014 Trainee SRE Teacher
Kezia Brooks

Liv copy Nikki copy

2011-2012 MTS Apprenticeship Graduate
Olivia Pickering

2011-2012 MTS Apprenticeship Graduate
Nikki Graham

If you need to contact the current Ministry Training Team please click here

Robin Kinstead, 09/09/2014

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