Parish Partners

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Bruce Ginn

Tim Rouvray  (also Treasurer)

Julie Neill

Parish Councillors

Anthony King
David Hanzen
Mike O'Connor
Adrian Oosthuizen

Our Wardens are elected and appointed annually at the AGM to take responsibility for the oversight of Parish property and finance matters. Our Parish Council assist the Rector and Wardens in their responsibility for the oversight of Parish property and finance matters.
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Parish Nominators

Synod Representatives

Our Parish Nominators will prayerfully and carefully find our new Rector (should this one depart or go to be with the Lord). Parish Nominators are elected by the church at the AGM each year. This years Nominators are Bruce Ginn, Chris Kelly, Katrina King, Debbie Robinson & Tim Rouvray . Our Synod Representatives are elected to serve for three years from 2017-2019. They represent our church alongside our Rector at the diocesan Annual General Meeting (or Synod).
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Office Manager 
Elise Grey

Safe Ministry Representative

Our Office Manager Elise Grey has spent many years assisting pastors and churches in supporting gospel ministry. Elise and her husband Jan live in Allambie Heights and attend church in Manly with their children. Our Safe Ministry Representative appointed by the Rector. Our Safe Ministry Representative ensures staff and volunteers are rightly accredited and educated in areas of safe ministry.
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